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Sep 8, 2017
Afternoon all - I wasn't sure which sub-forum, however...

I was wondering whether anyone has used a Webasto ThermoTop or similar in their vans for hot water and heating?

I have one of the "cheap Chinese" blown air heaters in the garage which I have not fitted. I am reconfiguring the van this spring which involves moving the hot water tank (calorifier) to a location where I probably won't be able to connect it to the vehicle's coolant system, so I am considering using a diesel water heater (dozens on eBay, even one on my Freelander...) to heat the hot water and possibly run a vehicle style heater with air blown over a wet matrix (or even a wet radiator), killing two birds with one stone to provide hot water and heating - does this sound feasible? Has anyone done anything similar in an L3 van?



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Feb 17, 2020
Stoke on Trent
Oh, I'll keep an eye on this as one of my current thoughts is hot water and heating! I was looking at propane/LPG systems however I've seen quite a few install diesel systems that run from their own tank and they are supposed to be great.


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Mar 8, 2020
Good afternoon all, I am Wolf and I'm writing from Germany, so please excuse me for my bad english.

My proposal is to install such a boiler:

Sorry, there is no english version of this page.

These boilers fits to your chinese heater and you can create heating your vehicle and hot water similar. There is also a version with a second opinion: hot water by 230V. The required power is 500W, so this could also be done by 12V battery or the alternator and an inverter during driving.

One thing more:
there is an chinese air heater with water heating:

Unfortunately air heating and water worming is only simultaneously possible.
Hope, I could help a little bit.