Simploo Composting Toilet


Jun 28, 2018
We've been using a composting loo I made in our van for the last 8 months wich has worked just fine for the two of us, however it's to big for the space, I built it as a multipurpose loo/storage/step but in reality it's just to big so been looking around for a replacement. Now I could make a smaller one myself now I know what I'm doing but have seen the Simploo Composting Loo which actually looks good and much cheaper £300 ish, than the Natures Head/Airhead options which are around the £1000

We've still our larger motorhome which has a Marine toilet, waste tanks underneath which we may move back to using soon so would look at replacing that with Simploo if it's as good as they say it is.

Who's using Composting loos in their self builds and which Ines are you using?

Here's the link to the Simploo:



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May 17, 2017
Well, you live and learn. I had no idea there were compact composting Karzis available, the concept of such portable kit had never occurred to me.
My favourite ever mobile toilet facility was on an expedition land-rover I built back in the 70s. Basically a toilet seat that that was bolted the rear chassis crossmember and folded down to the horizontal.......


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Oct 17, 2019
We are also thinking of putting in a Simploo, mainly because we really dislike the smell of chemical toilets. So I'm following your post.