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Jul 7, 2019
Hi all, Matt here.
I have been doing plenty of research into what it is I actually want and I'm still unsure so wanted to ask people about their own experiences.
Basically young family of 3, soon to be 4 would like something big enough to accommodate everyone yet we don't really have much money.....bare with me here. The bottom line i would like to spend what little we do have on making sure we have a mechanically sound vehicle. I wouldn't care if it was leaking and everything was rotton so it needed stripping back. As long as mechanically she was good. 3 handy guys within the extended family including 1 that's a bus builder. After making body sound and insulating etc all fixtures and fittings will be recycled, bought from scrap yards, repurposed, made out of things I find etc and will be done gradually over time.
Just from my initial research maybe a high top, lwb mini bus? Just purely cos they seem to be generally looked after better, ex school, council, NHS etc.
Young family with little money needs some holidays, please help.
Really appreciate any advice

Liberty hall

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Apr 18, 2016
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Morning Matt
Welcome from reading what you’ve written if you need sound mechanicals then Merc have have a good reputation, however they have an equal reputation for rotting body work. There’s a few members that have the Merc bus on here so hopefully they’ll pop along and advice.