New Bookmark Feature


Mar 26, 2016
You might not have noticed but we now have a way of bookmarking favourite threads. So if you find a great bit of information that you know you are going to want to see again, you can now easily bookmark it so you can find it again.

You will be able to have as many bookmarks as you like, make them sticky at the top if you like, and make your own notes as to why you bookmarked it. Its a simple feature, Hopefully the pictures below will show you how to make use if it.

Bookmark1.png bookmark2.png Bookmark3.png Bookmark4.png


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Dec 13, 2016
N E Lincolnshire,Cleethorpes
Hi all,
Jim has said on an forum,that someone had asked him to recover the site so they could get their photos off it.
He had been busy and by the time he got back to it,people had found it and started posting again.
So he decided to leave it open and it will stay open as long as people are posting on it.
Cheers Cris.