Hello from East Yorkshire

Feb 24, 2018
Hi, Been on here for a while just never got around to the introduction. So hello all.
Agreed to buy this today and hope to pick up this week. Its should end up as a motor caravan with motorcycle garage( no it wont be that when it needs to) Any ways on wards and upwards.

Cheers Iain
MAN TGL 8 180.jpg
Jun 3, 2019
That's a big un, are you having 3 or 4 apartments? Only jealous, good luck, post pictures, I'm a newby to this also.
Feb 24, 2018
Slight change of plan as that lorry turned out to be duff, broke down twice in 10 miles. Decent trader sorting out refund so still looking.
May 17, 2017
Hope you find another 7.5t to convert, looking forward to see what you do! Good luck with your search...