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Feb 17, 2020
Stoke on Trent
As a newbie I decided to someone digging on classification and I just admit the DVLA's guidance on what they accept as a motor home is a bit stupid!

One of the silliest requirements IMO:
  • motor caravan-style graphics on both sides of the vehicle

DVLA will only consider changing the body type to motor caravan if the body type shown on your V5C registration certificate (log book) is currently one of the following:
  • ambulance
  • box van
  • goods
  • insulated van
  • light goods
  • light van
  • livestock carrier
  • Luton van
  • minibus
  • MPV (multi-purpose vehicle)
  • panel van
  • specially fitted van
  • special mobile unit
  • van with side windows
This list describes the external features which are commonly seen in motor caravans, and it is intended to provide guidance on what DVLA expects to see when considering your application:
  • 2 or more windows on at least one side of the main body (this does not include windows on the driver or passenger doors) to provide a reasonable amount of daylight into the living accommodation
  • a separate door which provides access to the living accommodation of the vehicle (this excludes the driver and passenger doors); a window on this door counts as a separate window on the main body
  • motor caravan-style graphics on both sides of the vehicle
  • an awning bar attached to either side of the vehicle
  • a high-top roof (this does not include a pop-top elevating roof)
DVLA will need photographic evidence of the completed conversion.
Motor caravan internal features
Motor caravan means a special purpose M category vehicle constructed to include living accommodation which contains at least the following internal equipment:
  • seats and a table
  • sleeping accommodation which may be converted from the seats
  • cooking facilities
  • storage facilities
This equipment must be rigidly fixed to the living compartment; however, the table may be designed to be easily removable.
These features are defined by the type approval requirements for motor caravans.


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May 29, 2016
I have just reapplied this morning for registration as a motor home on my transit will let ya know the outcome when I hear back from the great and good at dvla
You dont have two windows on one side which excludes the sliding door i think,looks like a camper to me,hope you get through.


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May 29, 2016
The sliding door window counts as one, you just can’t count the the cab door windows. Mind you, that was when I read it up a few weeks ago, could’ve all changed by now!
It looks ok to me and i dont see much of any reason to turn it down,maybe a vis to mp for a chat may be the way forward or a stiff letter from a solicitor,i would not give up after all the work.


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Jun 3, 2019
If I stand on my deck I can see the DVLA tower. 10 years ago my daughter worked there. Welsh is my first language and I will do my application in Welsh. There aren't that many Welsh speakers working there and my daughter worked in the license department and she would be the person you would speak to if you wanted to use Welsh. By doing the application in Welsh I might get a sympathetic response. (or it might blow up in my face) VanNV my book's in Welsh