Can you use solar power and a generator


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Mar 15, 2020
Im on a first time self build project . I plan to be off grid mostly for fairly long periods(based in Scotland) I am looking to buy a 2000w -3000w generator and possibly a solar panel for the roof at about 160w I would probably be looking at getting 2 x 12v batteries at least 190ah each .
Does this seem like a good setup , i will have an electric hot water shower installed as well as a fridge and possible tv , 3 phones to charge and normal daily usage etc .
Does a generator charge the batteries and can it all be hooked up to one system . How do i switch between solar and generator .. do i meed a special control board ?


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May 29, 2016
250 w of solar and a mppt regulator which charges cab batteies and one ah to starter batt,do use a outside jack for genny and there will be know probs as it will run either the on board 12v charger and also into consumer unit for 230v.
I would also use a mains inline phase changer incase you want to use hook up and find it wired wrong way round<happens a lot on european camp sites.
Also use a good smart charger like a numax or similar .
The will be no prob with solar or genny working with each other,also remember some usb and cigy ports plus a volt meter & fuse box,if using a inverter remeber a change over switch plus a remote switch for lights at night when in bed ,good luck with build.



Dec 8, 2019
genny is far too small need to work out the start up power usage ie a tv ...start up power 1100w.....then switches to using 100w get the biggest one you can also im doing the same as in off grid all year round at 2 batterys arnt going to be enough heading into using 6 2v at 490ap then a 2800w genny ....price around 2k just for a start and knowing scotland i personally wouldnt bother with sola power .....wind power best way .....what part you abiding in mannie ?