Best features of a motorhome


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Oct 24, 2019
I’m planning to buy a motorhome from one of the motorhome dealers Portsmouth a friend recommended to me for our family trip. Browsing different motorhomes, I discovered that everyone has its own unique feature. Some have comfortable sleeping quarters, while others have a high-end kitchen. What do you think are the main features that I should prioritise when buying a motorhome?


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May 16, 2016
Irnham, South Lincolnshire
It depends a lot on the size of motorhome you are thinking of. The depth of your pockets, and how you plan to use it.
Beds that are complicated to make up are no problem if you are planning to stay several nights in one place, but become a pain if you usually move on every day like we do.
If you mainly use campsites then things like a good bathroom, Solar panels and big water storage are not needed.
If ,like us, you mainly freecamp then the above become important.


Dec 13, 2017
Near J10 M40
First thing is weight , how much payload ? This is very critical especially when having to stay below 3500kg . Do you have licence to drive heavier ? The next thing is belted seats for all family ? Then sleeping layout for children , and adults . There is a very good guide available to moho newbies on sister site its free to members :)


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May 17, 2017
It’s all about what is important for you. As I’ve stated many times, for me it was a big permanent bed, no compromise. You need to have a real good think of what your needs and wants are, work out what you won’t compromise on and you will hopefully have a half decent guide as to what to buy.
Good luck with you research and I hope you find what’s right for you. If you can’t, build one!


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May 29, 2016
Yep as i get older a fixed bed,med type kitchen.shower not required but a good bathroom space with a wash unit,refillable gas,and solar a must charging engine & les batts,smallish fridge as you can always buy new replacement food fresh,med size water/wast tank 50ltrs,led lights and if you must a 12v tv. :)